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NextGen has been helping medical billing service to navigate the journey efficiently and seamlessly. They specialize in a range of all sizes and offer a value-based outcome for both the patients and the medical services. They have been in the market for the 4 years and have provided services to over 155 thousand medical care providers with the achievement of connecting caregiver’s that crosses 1 million.

NextGen has been a dedicated medical billing and associated software provider focusing on making clinicians more productive and engaged with their practice while ensuring a profitable outcome. Their comprehensive software platform promotes interoperability and hassle-free exchange of information. The platform also offers ways to mitigate risks in practice and revenue management by identifying gaps in the process.


The trusted healthcare software partner that allows you to anticipate the changing market!

The clinical care solution offered by NextGen healthcare includes several features such as:

▪️ Integrated EHR solution

▪️ Mobile solution

▪️ Consulting services

▪️ Clinical care

▪️ Financial management

▪️ Patient management

▪️ Population health

▪️ Connected health

NextGen offers customized patient care medical billing solutions that can increase the ROI and improve value-based care for the patient.


NextGen has been providing a single platform with health IT analytics to help the patient population across the medical care. It facilitates better collaboration between the caregivers and the patients with the following specialties:

▪️ Optimize high-quality ambulatory care billing services

▪️ Optimize the clinical practice and delivery services

▪️ Transforming the marketplace with meaningful analytics for dental practices

▪️ Actionable intelligence to serve the patients better with the mental health

▪️ Analytic solutions to empower the ambulatory care coding services

▪️ Data-driven solution for better lab care and support

▪️ Single and easy to use the drive for medical practice efficiency

▪️ IT mental health analytics for identifying low-value care to improve practice

▪️ Improve patient-oriented communication

▪️ Cost reduction with in-depth analytics in preventive care billing solutions

▪️ Engage with the value-based and effective reimbursement model

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