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All You want to know about Behavioral Health Billing

Working in medical field can be an exhaustive task. One must always be mindful of the fact that this noble profession deals with people’s lives and must be carried out with utmost care. Similarly, medical billing is a complicated task too. A simple error or neglection can leads to claims getting denied or delayed and this has a direct impact on the revenue cycle of the medical facility. Now there’s medical billing and then there’s behavioral health billing. Behavioral and mental health medical billings deal with treatments undertaken by the patient for long term conditions. This includes conditions such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and so on.

Mental health billing is considered to be more complex than rest medical billing processes because of the types of services, restrains, time and scope that are acting factors in mental health treatments. If you are interested in Behavioural health billing, this article is for you.

Insurance and Coverage

It is advisable to know the patient’s insurance plans and benefits prior to their arrival. This is done so that you have knowledge about the coverage available for each patient before they receive any service. This can be beneficial to get a larger return in the end.

Verification of Benefits

Verification of Benefits is essential to ensure what coverage the patient has. This process checks the patient’s policies with regards to the service they are visiting the medical facility for. This also enables the service provider with information which is not available that easily from the patient’s insurance card. Upon check, the medical facility will be equipped with information regarding the coverage of the patient for the service they are seeking and also the amount their insurance company will pay for the said service.

CPT Codes

CPT Codes stand for Common Procedural Technology Codes. The CPT code is utilised by the insurance company to determine the reimbursement amount to the medical facility. When it comes to behavioral health billing, generally two CPT codes are used E/M codes and psychiatric evaluation codes. E/M codes are used whenever a new medical issue is being evaluated and psychiatric evaluation codes are used for diagnostic assessment.

Proper Submission of Claims

Submission of claims is a tedious task. A simple error or any information missed can lead to claims getting denied or delays which can in turn have adverse effects on the revenue cycle of the medical facility. While filing for claims ensure that correct code is entered and the claim is submitted to the correct insurer. Also, make sure that the correct billing format is followed which varies from company to company. While doing that, one must also verify the claim is done according to the company’s preferred filling method.

There is a huge amount of work which goes into medical billing. The medical field is a stressful industry which demands its employees to be on their toes all the time. In such a case, any help is appreciated. Hence, may medical facilities are now outsourcing their medical billing services to a third part medical billing agency or a medical billing company.

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