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Medisoft software makes your daily billing tasks and practice management easy!

Medisoft is one of America’s best and proven accounting, management, and medical billing solutions. Medisoft was designed to support independent physicians and small medical and healthcare facilities.

In 1995, the robust platform with the latest technology backed by the Microwize technology, i.e., Medisoft was established to empower physicians. The innovative technology Medisoft uses in its solutions is developed to improve the care for the patients and the quality of their lives while reducing healthcare management and support costs. The motivation is to offer clinicians, doctors, and healthcare providers a better medical management system with meaningful support and growth opportunities. 

Medisoft has been using technology to ensure the doctors and practices get paid for their work from the insurers.


Robust Platform with Latest Technology!

When a service provider chooses Medisoft, they can offer better patient care with a streamlined process, complete scheduling and management of the payments, send claims, and collect the patients’ balances. It is unique software that efficiently helps the facility manage the entire medical billing cycle while saving time.

With Medisoft, the users can-

▪️ Manage office hours with the scheduling program

▪️ Efficient patient accounting management system that recognizes and can categorize different billing scenarios like cash payments, insurance plans, and compensations.

▪️ Robust revenue management programs from checking the insurance eligibility to scrub the claim for accuracy before sending it.

▪️ Medisoft reports understanding the health of the practice with in-depth analytics and reports.

▪️ Eligibility checking system to know the benefits and eligibility dates the patient can avail before providing the service

▪️ ICD-10 ready enables the software to search the codes for billing easily


The multi-user and multi-location appointment scheduling are some of the unique features of Medisoft. The specialty services include:

▪️ Bulk billing and posting for ophthalmology coding

▪️ Patient reminder statements for telehealth solutions

▪️ Collection list for services rendered for chiropractic billing and coding

▪️ Managing the electronic mental health billing and other features with a mobile device

▪️ Increasing the reimbursement rates for family practice billing and coding

▪️ Easy to use online appointment scheduling for telehealth services

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