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Deploying an Automated System for Comprehensive Practice!

AdvancedMD was established in 1999 and built on a 100% cloud platform for individual practitioners who can enjoy secured and seamless workflow in medical billing and coding services without any compromise. AdvancedMD uses this Amazon Web service (AWS) as their entire software and data storage suite.

Based in South Jordan, Utah, AdvancedMD combined with AWS offers simplified storage with a robust security system and automatic data backup for a smooth, fast, and unprecedented working experience.

AdvancedMD offers a high-standard hosting solution and has an ambulatory billing software system where one can scale their practice easily at an affordable cost. In addition, the cloud-based solution enables users to access information across multiple devices and platforms.

It has been designed to unify and connect all the aspects and roles of one practice. The focus is on nurturing a long time and viable relationship with the patient while building a financially viable and sustainable private practice.


Offers Cutting-Edge Security and Complete Solutions!

AdvancedMD offers cutting-edge security and complete solutions for a private practice that has been designed for a unified workflow. The automated processing and dashboards improve the accuracy of information while reducing labour. Other features that can help a private practitioner are:

▪️ Practice management

▪️ EHR software

▪️ Patient engagement

▪️ Efficient and managed billing

▪️ Patient portal

▪️ Smart EHR dashboard

▪️ Reporting and analytics

▪️ Specialty cards for charting and managing patients better

▪️ Appointment reminders


The cloud-based AdvancedMD solution offers the practitioner the opportunity to build and improve their online reputation with in-built patient surveys. It also offers

▪️ Patient Kiosk for mental health services

▪️ Patient Messaging for smooth operations in case of primary care coding

▪️ Group practices and working with labs

▪️ Software for mental health billing and coding

▪️ Teletherapy appointment reminders

▪️ Billing software for physical therapy and physical medicine clinics

▪️ Exclusive software suite for tribal health coding services

▪️ Mobile device compatible for pediatrics billing

▪️ Managed internal medicine billing services

▪️ Customizable templates for physical therapy billing and coding solutions

AdvancedMD offers a wide range of software tools and suites for private practitioners to have a cutting-edge solution. So why not partner with ICS, leading outsource medical billing company who will set up and take care of the technology of AdvancedMD, while you can focus on the patients.

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