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Have you ever thought about how a community would look like if there were no ambulances? It will be a nightmare situation when you can’t shift someone to a hospital in the event of a medical emergency. While we acknowledge that ambulances are the necessity of our society, we should also know the astronomical costs associated with them. Moreover, the service provider’s trouble when a patient is uninsured holds another step back.

As a result, many in the healthcare industry believe that ambulance medical billing is an issue and needs to be taken care of professionally while caregivers can work on helping the patients and their families. It’s time to consider outsourcing ambulance medical billing services to help you minimize claim rejections, faster reimbursements, and efficiency in ambulance billing.


The Empirical Challenges in Ambulance Medical Billing!

The ambulance industry is often plagued with a few challenges when it comes to billing, such as false claim cases, insurance audits, fraud investigations, and a plethora of other billing-related cases. The biller must understand the reimbursement process and its nuances to avoid stepping into these landmines. The two major challenges, however not an exhaustive list, are:

1.Medical Necessity

The criterion looks into the factor that medical necessity guidelines were followed timely to claim the money. But unfortunately, the guidelines are vague and undefined in case of medical necessity standards for ambulance billing compared to other medical specialties. No safe patient transportation by a stretcher van or car would mean no medical necessity met and, thereby, no reimbursement.

2.Advanced Life Support Billing

This often becomes a complex compliance zone when the billing is used for higher-paying advanced life support (ALS) codes instead of basic life support (BLS). In fact, the ALS service can be charged only when the required skills for patient care surpass the practice scope. That’s why the ambulance biller in India must know the jurisdiction under which EMTs can be practiced and billed accordingly.


ICS for your Reimbursements on Time!

When you outsource ambulance medical billing to Info Hub Consultancy Services, we don’t just make assumptions by looking at the reports. We go for a complete investigation of the patient’s condition, 911 calls to avoid up-coding or overbilling, along with the other documentation, including PCS. Our process focuses on the most efficient and fast process through which the information can be obtained and in-built quality and integrity checks.

With us, you will get: 

Focus more on Core Operations with Info Hub Consultancy Services!

Outsourcing ambulance medical billing services in India to ICS comes with the advantage of focusing more on core operations while billing responsibilities are handled by the experts. A complete transparent ambulance billing service with no problem of newly updated codes, rework for the claims, or claim denials ultimately results in better organization of your EMS. Outsourcing medical billing to ICS also helps you with error-free medical billing and coding, not making you face issues in ambulance billing. Hence, you get reimbursement on time along with a strong ambulance billing cycle. 

Reach out to our experienced ambulance billers and coders to help you with ambulance billing all round the clock!

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