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Did you know on average, a medical practice loses out on about $80,000 a year in insurance claims and medical billing? Ophthalmology practice is no different. So knowing the right ophthalmology medical billing code for billing is the key to keeping your clinic going and staying afloat in practice.

With ophthalmology billing and coding practice being more complex, the chances of getting your money back for the service rendered can be quite challenging.  The knowledge of choosing the correct code requires the person to know:

Without this understanding in place, your staff can easily fill in the wrong codes leading to claim rejection.

Two Types of Codes – Complicating It Further!

Staying in compliance with the ever-changing billing regulation is already a challenging situation. Adding to that the understanding of two types of pathology billing, i.e.,In ophthalmology medical billing services, one has to choose between two categories of codes:


Under these two sets of codes, there are other details that the claim filing staff needs to be aware of. While only two codes can seem to be a flexible option, it also often leads to a lot of confusion.

When you have to select between the two codes for filing the claim form, one needs to be aware of the following:

These additional factors must complicate the simple two types of codes further. Making the right decision in choosing the codes decides the future of your practice with our ophthalmology billing services.

An Improved Collection with Comprehensive Solution!


Outsource ophthalmology billing to Info Hub Consultancy Services to warrant the payment for the service rendered. As your partner, we will help you in identifying the areas which can increase your collection. It will not only improve your ROI but give you the best chance to provide a better service to your patients.

With we outsource ophthalmology medical billing services, you get:

Help You in Staying Out-Of-Networking Billing

Why outsource ophthalmology medical billing?

At Info Hub Consultancy Services, we know the dangers of making an out-of-network (OON) billing. It is the process where the billing is done without a payer contract. When your practice engages in such an incident, you will not lose the claim but also risk the chance of violating the fraud and abuse laws.

ICS, however, has the expertise and in managing the OON status when required by practice. Our knowledge in the field is extensive to warrant your practice does not engage in any fraudulent exercise.

So, we can do the required OON to ensure you do not lose money while keeping a squeaky clean image of your practice.

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