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To Have Seamless End-to-End Billing and Coding Experience!

The most common saying of any chiropractor would be that the billing and coding is quite a complex process. However, ChiroTouch simplifies the process with their cloud-based chiropractic software. It is a fully integrated EHR medical billing and coding solution that is specially built for chiropractors.

ChiroTouch has served the chiropractic industry for over 20 years and has insights from 21,000 providers. Moreover, the solution has been developed in a way that can support the new generation of chiropractors. Hence, the software has been built ground up and is cloud-based, allowing it to be accessed from any device anywhere and anytime.

ChiroTouch is fully integrated software that allows processing payments and insurance management claims from a single platform, ensuring accurate medical billing and coding for chiropractors. In fact, any chiropractor using ChiroTouch can use this single software for managing all aspects of the facility without the requirement of multiple vendors while reducing paperwork.


Fully Integrated EHR Solution for Chiropractors!

ChiroTouch has been helping many healthcare providers to enhance their service and efficiency with its robust features such as:

▪️ Claim submissions

▪️ Updating chiropractors on the bill status

▪️ Rule compliant coding

▪️ Calendar scheduler

▪️ Complete patient care with provider support

▪️ Enhanced activity dashboard

▪️ Billing and invoicing

▪️ Claims management

▪️ Document management

▪️ Customizable templates for the practice

▪️ HIPAA compliant

▪️ SOAP notes


The new ChiroTouch has been designed to maximize the efficiency of the practice in every possible way that also offers virtual solutions with:

▪️ Insurance verification for chiropractic billing solution

▪️ Video conferencing for telehealth coding and billing

▪️ Record management for emergency care billing

▪️ Treatment planning in urgent care practice

▪️ Self-service portal and third-party integrations for integrated spinal billing solutions

▪️ Healthcare compliance for chiropractic coding services

▪️ Multi physician billing and coding solution

▪️ Confirmations and reminders management for multi-care health billing and coding solution

▪️ Multiple mobile device accessibility for smooth medical billing

▪️ Enhanced patient portal

If you want to build and increase your revenue with ChiroTouch but are confused about leveraging it, partner with ICS, leading medical billing companies in India. While we take care of the ChiroTouch software and solutions, you can take care of your patients.

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