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Undoubtedly, neurology practices have to keep themselves abreast with medical billing and coding rules every year. But when you constantly deal with complex cases, neurological conditions, and diseases, do you have the time to learn about all the new rules and regulations? So trust us when we say it’s not your fault when you or your staff files incorrect coding and lose out on payments regarding neurological medical billing.

But to keep the practice running, you must have comprehensive coding and billing procedures. It will warrant timely claim settlement with constant and steady revenue for the practice.

More Than 100 Codes to Confuse You!

The last thing you want in your neurological practice or clinic is to face claim denials. But in this field of practice often 20 percent of the revenue is lost due to inaccurate billings. It is not new because you have to be aware of over 100 different codes in neurological billing services.

With different codes for neuromuscular tests and neurology and procedures sections of CPT codes, accuracy in neurological billing is a must. Often without the correct understanding of the rules and requirements associated with where the neurologists are seeing the patient can lead to claim rejections. Billing and coding have to be made depending on whether the neurologist sees the patient in hospital specialty units, clinics, offices, or residential care facilities.

While 100 codes is already a challenge in neurological medical billing services, there are several more which can add to the woes:


Running Your Practice Smoothly With Timely Follow-ups

Many neurological practices prefer to outsource neurology billing to Info Hub Consultancy Services because we help you run the practice smoothly and seamlessly. In addition, we ensure you get the minimum claim rejection, to the point of 99.99 percent.

At ICS, we are also known for timely and regular follow-ups of the claims made and keeping track of the claims’ changes.

Apart from these, as you outsource neurology medical billing services partner, we offer the following benefits: 

With our service, you can enjoy running a headache-free neurological practice where you can focus on your patients while we care for you, making money.


Data Security is the Key to Success

Want to know why outsource neurology medical billing to us?

Info Hub Consultancy Services is well known for keeping the security protocol in the management at the top. We ensure that the entire patient and our client’s data are safe and confidential.  Our robust security system and the cloud-based service allow your practice to have the benefit of the latest technology where cyber-threats are limited if not nullified to warrant a secured practice.

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