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A fully scalable medical management system for all healthcare providers!

Vericle was established in 2001 as one of the premier healthcare enterprise management software providers. The platform offered by Vehicle supports medical billing and coding and other compliance services for all clinics, hospitals, and individual practices.

Vericle is renowned for enhancing the management of patient flow and revenue flow for the facility, adhering to the latest EHR compliances and workflow management of the business. In fact, Vericle makes it easy to maintain the patients’ electronic health records, streamlining and scheduling the patients and the clinics’ services.

Because of its impressive capacity to help facilities with compliance and coaching practices and services, it received the 2015 Complete EHR ONC Certification.


Easy to use with an Intuitive Interface!

Since innovation has been at the core of Vericle, they have been developing applications and platforms that are robust and secured, and intuitive for the user. The peculiar traits that earmarked the Vericle include: 

      ▪️ Intuitive user interface with a graphical display screen for enhanced medical billing and workflow management.

      ▪️ Cloud-based software can be accessed from any platform with the right authentication

      ▪️ Scalable platform for improving the practice

      ▪️ Transparent solution to ensure your facility is in HIPAA and EHR compliance

      ▪️ Proven medical billing track record

      ▪️ Enhanced patient management system to ensure better service to patients

      ▪️ Engaging with all healthcare service providers


Vericle has been adapting and innovating to the changing landscape of the healthcare system. As part of that service, they have been offering a wide range of services that are special to them such as:

      ▪️ Tele-health service to reach out to more patients and reduce the spread of infection

      ▪️ Custom white-label to warrant more than average revenue with the chiropractic billing and coding

      ▪️ EHR templating that is customized for you and your patients

      ▪️ Increase the productivity of the operation by 15% by outsourcing mental health billing and coding

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